Monday, October 7, 2013

If You Think The Beltway Media Is Bad Now, Just Wait Until This Crowd Gets In…

CNN’s Frank Sesno apparently has one of those Bob Mann-style academic gigs these days, in which an old leftist media type gets a cushy gig at a college teaching new leftists how to spin biased narratives to the public. In Sesno’s case his cush gig is at George Washington University. And yesterday, Sesno displayed the product of his current work by trotting out a gaggle of J-school clowns from GWU to ask them (1) where they get their news (hilariously enough, almost none said CNN) and (2) what they think the media’s role should be. The results?

Let’s pray this isn’t representative of the majority of what comes out of America’s journalism schools, though we all know most of them turn out much worse product than Sesno does.  The fruitcake in the green shirt is the classic example of the “everybody gets a trophy in my soccer league” entitled milennial leftist – Ted Cruz disagrees with Me, Therefore I will Deny Access To The Media for Ted Cruz. Because those who disagree with Me are not fit to breathe My Air. And that fool will likely have a position of authority in a newsroom at some point.  

via The Hayride