Saturday, March 3, 2012

This Is Your Life : Barack Obama

With Sincere Apologies to Ralph Edwards....

We Begin at the Beginning......

Born Barry Soetoro
August 4, 1961.......Somewhere?

The Formative Years:
Besuki Public School, Jakarta Indonesia

A Talented Leader and Star Athlete
Punahou College Preparatory School

Visiting the Folks
Kenya 1976

The Ladies Man
Graduation: 1979

The Occidental College Years

 Columbia University - B.A Degree 1981
(records sealed)

Harvard Law School - 1988
(records sealed)

Visiting Law and Government Fellow
 University of Chicago Law School - 1991 

Marriage to Sweet Heart
Michelle Robinson - October 3, 1992

A Successful Community Organizer

A Man of the People

A Devoted Husband

Illinois State Senate 1996 - 2004

United States Senate 2004 -2008

A Man of High Ambition

A Noble Peace Prize Winner..(?)

A Keen Observer of Foreign Affairs

The Consummate Politician

The 44th President of the United States
Thanks IOTW for the Linkage


  1. ROTFLMAO!!!!
    In tears over here.

    MJ Anklestraps

  2. Thank You MJ
    I was sad to see your blog go dark....

  3. WOW! The Commander-in-Chief may want a copy of this "Record" - since he hasn't one to show the American people. Maybe the GOP could start passing them out as tokens of what will soon be the only recorded history of Obama....(Just add a Disney "That's all folks" at the end!)

  4. Obama’s Selective Service Registration is a Federal Felony

  5. Thanks for making me spit my Sunday morning coffee all over my monitor!

  6. Bwahahahaha Diogenes! Only one thing wrong, in "devoted husband"
    it's rumored Barack is the receiver....

  7. I think the last picture was too good looking. It must be photo-shopped!!!

  8. Thanks IOTW. How do I un-click a link?

    Well, it's a more complete story than the one we get from him I guess. Can't wait to see the ending.

  9. Picture twelve(Devoted husband) is a photoshop!
    MEchelles ass is a lot bigger than that.

  10. ROFLMAO!!!!! Oh man, Diogenes, you've outdone yourself. And that's saying something. :)

  11. I lost it at the doggystyle pic! Great stuff!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. how many of you voted for bush and how many of you are racist about all of you its okay if a white guy fuck up but owe no dont let a black guy do the same or half as good and let me ask do you racist really really want the black man to do better that would make you all look like fools

    1. It would help us all understand your comment if you would learn to put a coherent thought together.

  13. i know you will remove my comment because you would hate to be made a fool of while you try to shame someone else. i wonder what it is in life you do but hide your misfortune and small accomplishments behind finding fault in others to cast the eye away from yourself

    1. Well, your ignorance of who I am make you the one who looks foolish my friend.
      Care to try another approach?

      Your 0 for 2........

  14. My latest scoop is this: 0bama has a Halloween bash coming just before the elections. I have the exclusive pics on my Wordpress blog mystere's moonbat spanker. There's a link on my blogger blog mystere's moonbat slayer club...not to mention some new pics of Joey the Talking Chicken Biden "advising" B0B0...hee hee!


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