Sunday, November 29, 2015

‘Allahu Quackbar!”

4Chan Pranksters Have Fun With Photoshop at ISIS' Expense

Internet pranksters have joined the war against ISIS by photoshopping pictures of ducks on the heads of well-known Jihadis.  Mocking the battle cry of Allahu Akbar, they decided to change it to Allahu Quackbar in an effort to use satire against the Jihadi monsters. Subversive internet group 4chan began the satire attempt by digitally manipulating ISIS propaganda photographs to ridicule the jihadis.  - READ MORE

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Most Interesting Man in the World the Day After Thanksgiving

Aggies vs The Tigers

For many years, Texas A&M and LSU traditional played their first game of the season against each other. Then in 2011 the Aggies joined the SEC west and since then the game has quickly taken on the trappings of a true SEC rivalry. It has now become a very heated blood feud because of the bad blood between former LSU Defensive coach, John Chavis, and the LSU legal staff.  Chavis ramped up the heat last week by gleefully saying "I can't wait to enter Tiger Stadium as an Aggie."  He may live to regret those words.  Chavis has to face the music: since becoming an SEC school, LSU is the only SEC West team the Aggies have never defeated. The cocky Chavis believes he has their number. We'll see Johnny Boy.

Given the rumors stirred by some Alumni and Tiger Boosters resulting in uproar in Baton Rouge this week, and seeing the imminent end of an era at LSU,  I have a feeling the Tigers will go out on a high note and play their final game in Tiger Stadium this season as a tribute to a soft spoken man who has represented LSU Football and the SEC with all the class and distinction of a gentleman, who in the last ten years has coached so many boys into men, sending more players to the NFL then any college football program in the country.

I Say Tigers by 13

This Weeks Picks:

Alabama @ Auburn - The Iron Bowl: One of the SEC's oldest, and one of the most revered rivalries in college football. In the past, hopes of National Championships have died quick deaths in this game. Auburn, who were favored by the 'expert sports monkeys' to win the SEC (those silly boys shouldn't drink so much) turned out a disappointing disappointment. Anything can happen, but the way I see it, this is just a tuneup for The Tide before the dismantling of the Florida Gators next weekend. -- I say Alabama by 21 

Miss. St @ Ole Missy - Other then saying I congratulate local boy Dak Prescott on a great SEC record breaking college career at Miss. St., being called the best run and pass QB the SEC has ever produced, the win by Alabama makes this game totally irrelevant.

Florida St @ Florida - The Seminoles put it on the cocky Gators to set up their spanking by Alabama next week. Sorry Gators fans, but you're the champs of one of the weakest division in power 5 football this year. This could be a good game......for a few minutes at least.  Word is they will pass around the hat for future Gator Bail Money at halftime. -- I say Florida St. by 10

Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St. - I didn't expect the Sooners to be in the top 4 until after the Okie St. game, but what do I know?  The Sooners are now the second of my 6 picks to enter the bowl playoff picture. If Okie St. has the Sooner defense figured out,  this could be a close game. But the the Sooners have gazed upon the golden trophy. They want this game more and out to prove themselves worthy of  Big 12's Top Dog. They pull out a victory, increasing the chance of retaining their playoff berth. I say Sooners by 10+

Last week I scored with the Alabama and Oklahoma wins, but the Tigers let me down once again for a 2-1 week.

Jan's picks YTD  21-6

Fishnet Friday

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Obama Will Show Those Terrorists Who’s Boss!

Next week, the world's leaders will converge on Paris to discuss whether humanity is burning up the ozone layer and how best to address the problem (hint: the solution will be more governmental authority by controlling humanity's energy consumption and, probably taxes). And, thankfully, according to our fearless leader who has been completely absent from the world stage following the Paris terror attacks, such a gathering will not only finally end our global reliance on evil fossil fuels, but it will also demonstrate to the crazy homicidal Islamic apocalypse cult that we are a strong, global presence committed to the issues that truly matter.

All we know is that Obama is 100% convinced that our best offense against terrorism is a Climate Change conference. There is some aspect of this that's true: the terrorists hit Paris in such a way as to make them a continued threat, and world leaders are still gathering in the French capital, regardless (though, probably with more firepower protecting them at mealtimes than most third world countries have in their arsenal). That's a real message. And for the US, an improvement over how Obama acted in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, when he and John Kerry skipped out on a peace rally that featured a cadre of world leaders.

If only Barack Obama and other world leaders will stand tall against the natural cycles of heating and cooling inherent in living on a planet that circles a flaming orb of gas, it will no doubt demonstrate to those terrorists that we truly care about where they come from and why they're so irked. We will solve it together, ISIS, if only you would realize that your fanatical ideology is not based on a radical interpretation of a major world religion, but rather is the natural consequence of being hot and angry. I'm absolutely certain that will stop them in their tracks, force them to put down their suicide bombs and pick up a couple of windmills.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Low IQ" is the New Muslim Terrorist Defense

Forget airborne PTSD, no job or poverty. Here's a great new terrorist defense. Imran Khawaja was an ISIS Jihadist on trial in Pakistan who liked guns and severed heads. Non-Muslim severed heads.
In one section of footage, played before a hushed court, Mr Altman said Khawaja could be seen picking up severed heads from the back of a flatbed truck and saying: 'Heads. Kuffar (non-Muslims). Disgusting.'
Khawaja, who has close ties to 'executioner' Jihadi John, faked his own death to sneak back into the UK and is now facing years behind bars. 
Khawaja, who also had the nicknames 'Barbie,' Imz,' 'Iron, and 'Cashew,' was a senior member of terrorist group Rayat Al Taweed (The Banner of Divine Unity).
'Following his departure, during messaging with his sister over different messaging platforms, Khawaja made it clear that he was in Syria for Jihad, that this was the path he had chosen, and that he wished to die as a martyr', said Mr Altman.Khawaja told his sister, Azmeena, that he had travelled to the Middle East 'for Allah...first.'
'He told her he had no time to waste; that he knew Islam and Jihad 'is my way' and he could not sit and argue with his family 'who don't practice dis deen (religion).'
He later added: 'Jihad will remain fresh and green as long as raindrops fall from the sky.'
His lawyer's defense? Stupidity.
In his defence Henry Blaxland QC said the jihadi 'poster boy' had a low IQ - the lowest 12% of the population.

So what does that actually mean?
The UK IQ average is 100. Henry doesn't specify his client's IQ, but it's probably in the low 80s. But that doesn't mean much since a number of Muslim countries have average IQ scores around that.

Works For Me......

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dear Leftist: No one is 'giving in to fear and hatred' so you can put a sock in it!

I've stood many times where this very picture was taken. It breaks my heart to see this nessesary

Narrative Killing Time.
by Dan Calabrese
Before we go any farther in the current discussions about ISIS and how to fight them, we need to take a quick pause and destroy a rising narrative on the left. It’s the one where they lecture you not to “give in to fear.”
The premise here is that people who should be proceeding with compassion and love have become so frightened of being attacked by terrorists that they’ve embraced hatred of Muslims, and as a result they’re not only having bloodthirsty fantasies about bombing Ahmed and Abu, but they’re also turning cold and hard-hearted toward the plight of innocent women and children.
All because they’re irrationally afraid.
This has led to some of the most condescending and vomit-inducing lectures from everyone from left-wing politicians to media figures to people on social media who somehow manage to get their screeds widely shared. The best/worst example I’ve seen comes from a fellow named Dave Hogg, a Detroit-area sportswriter and self-identifies on Facebook as “very liberal” and “atheist.
"Is that a guarantee that no ISIS members will get onto US soil? No, it isn't. One might get through as a refugee, and they might move to your state and something bad might happen. There's almost certainly a better chance that you'll get hit by a meteor. You're certainly more likely to get killed by an American on a rampage than an refugee...."
So we have two choices. The first choice is to let ISIS win. We give in to fear and we choose to stand with the people who argue that Islam is our true enemy. We don't gain in that scenario, and we certainly don't get safer. We simply widen the split between Islam and the West, we hand away the moral high ground and we make the world a more dangerous place.
The other choice is to stand with humanity and live up to the words on that statue in New York."
So let's consider his argument: Because you personally are statistically very unlikely to be the victim of a terrorist attack - which is no doubt true - everything you're demanding be done to prevent the next attack is irrational. Hey. Someone might get through and "something bad might happen," but it probably won't happen to you, so stop worrying about it.
The premise of his entire argument is that those demanding stronger action to prevent an influx of terrorists into the United States are being driven solely by personal fear. They don't just think a terrorist might kill someone. They think a terrorist might kill them. And if they realize they're more likely to be killed by an asteroid or whatever, they'll just relax about it.
Let's consider that. If this premise is true, why would anyone have been horrified about what happened in Paris? It wasn't you, after all! What do you care?
Questioning the importation of 10,000 or more Syrian refugees is not about fear, and it's certainly not about people thinking that they personally and specifically will be killed. It's also not about hating or refusing to care about the refugees. It's about taking seriously the idea that these threats are real and that it's horrible when anyone has to suffer as the victim of one of them. Maybe very liberal atheists like Dave Hogg are gellin' like Magellan so long as it's not them getting riddled with bullets in a concert hall. 
I do not want this to happen to any more people. Yes, I understand that it's impossible to prevent all evil before it happens, but many such attacks are thwarted because people take seriously their duty to try. That duty often involves making some difficult moral choices. Yes, there are people who have done nothing wrong and need help, and we would like to help them. But as we consider how to help them, might it be necessary to eliminate or modify certain options so as not to put our own nation at unnecessary risk? To listen to some people on the left, you'd think any consideration at all about the well-being of our own people represents a complete capitulation to hatred and evil.
For just about every way you can be killed, we do what we can to lessen that risk. Not because of fear. Not because of hatred. Just because it would be nice if people were not killed.
So wanting to do whatever we can to prevent a terrorist attack is not about "giving in to fear." It's about recognizing that a threat exists in the form of people determined to kill the innocent, and not wanting to just bend over and take it as some sort of preferable alternative to "fear." That is about the dopiest narrative the left has ever come up with, and it needs to be destroyed. Today.
Then we can get serious about making ISIS fear us, which is what we should have been doing all along.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The Unwritten Law

"There exists a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts, a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading, a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right." - Marcus Tullius Cicero 

Trump Is Right: CNN Reported on American Muslims Celebrating 9/11

The Spectacle Blog
So the newest controversy?
That Donald Trump said he saw clips of New Jersey Muslims celebrating 9/11. His critics pounced. But whatever he may have seen or not seen in New Jersey, CNN reported here that Muslims in New York City celebrated 9/11 — in 2009.
The clip, found on YouTube, is dated from 2009 and was apparently broadcast in the aftermath of the Ft. Hood shooting that involved U.S. Army Major Nidal Hassan, an American Muslim whose actions were celebrated by a group called “Revolution Muslim.”
The CNN segment was anchored by Anderson Cooper, with the report filed by CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin. The focus of the story is the 96th Street Mosque, identified as “right in the heart of New York.” The report was titled “Homegrown Hate.” Griffin speaks to the Imam, who says Islam is about peace. But right outside the Mosque are Muslims — American Muslims “born and raised” in the United States — preaching hatred of the U.S. Saying that the 9/11 attacks were justified. Griffin captures all of this on camera, with members of the group professing their love for Osama bin Laden.
The FBI is monitoring them, reports Griffin — thus illustrating exactly Trump’s point today of surveillance of Mosques is hardly extreme. As the media makes yet another “firestorm” over Trump’s remarks on Muslims in America and the celebration of 9/11 by Muslims in America, CNN makes clear that yes, indeed, it happens. And was in fact happening in that report right in “the heart of New York.”

A Good Monday Morning