Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Without Nikki Haley, Like Locusts, Unions Swarm On South Carolina

* Full Discloser - I am, and have been in the past because of the nature of the business being grandfathered in before our Right-to Work laws passed, a legally intimidated member of a labor union. I am also a business owner who has defeated union tactics before the state labor relations board. Unions have far surpassed their original purpose of fairly protecting employees, to becoming extremist in the protection of their power bases such the teacher's union, protecting under-performing and unqualified teachers at high cost to our education system. They have become for the most part a legal skimming operation that extorts money from members for political purposes and are the biggest donor to the democrat party. I am in no way criticizing union members, just the extortion racket they are forced to participate in.  

With the departure of Governor Nikki Haley to become the ambassador to the United Nations, vocal advocacy for union-free growth has seemingly gone missing in the state capitol of South Carolina. The unions believe they smell blood in the water.
The Spectacle - "Recently, more than a dozen out-of-state organizers from the United Auto Workers checked into a hotel in Greenville. Their mission? To start making intrusive house calls at the homes of BMW’s union-free employees in nearby Spartanburg in attempt to unionize the German car maker. 
Elsewhere in the state, Teamster organizers out of Washington, D.C. and elsewhere are targeting food-delivery drivers in an attempt to build up that union’s sagging membership. In Georgetown, the United Steelworkers are trying to unionize workers at a nursing home, according to a recent petition filed with the National Labor Relations Board.
All of these efforts in the Palmetto State come on the heels of the Machinist union’s overwhelming defeat at Boeing’s plant in North Charleston in February, when workers voted three to one to reject unionization.They also come at a time when the state is enjoying the lowest unemployment rate in years and companies like Volvo and Mercedes are bringing in thousands of jobs. In large part, South Carolina’s reputation for being a good place for employers to bring jobs to is due to its status as a Right-to-Work state, as well as having the lowest unionization rate in the country.  
Both of these are things unions would like to change.
Ms. Haley’s successor, Henry McMaster, was elevated to the governorship when Haley became U.N. ambassador but he, so far, has remained rather silent when it comes to unions targeting the Palmetto State. Unlike his predecessor who actively campaigned on keeping unions out of South Carolina, during the Boeing union drive in February, McMaster remained rather subdued
Given that South Carolina has the lowest unionization rate in the nation–at 1.6 percent–union organizers may be relying on South Carolinians naïveté about unions in their efforts to unionize the Palmetto State. If so, that would be unfortunate.
South Carolina’s ability to attract companies like Boeing and BMW, as well as Mercedes, Michelin and Volvo, comes in large part because it is a business-friendly state that unions have not ruined…yet."  

Scientist Verify Leftist Mental Disorder

Monday, March 27, 2017

Al Sharpton Must Never Have Heard the Old Adage "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt."

Reverend Sharpton Seen Here Introducing His New Fascist Rhetoric Blocking Protection Helmet
(Available at the Rainbow Coalition Store for $149.99 - Cash Only)  

AL Sharpton Wants Ivanka Trump Out of the WH

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka apparently has an office in the West Wing and will act as a private citizen and consult the President on certain affairs. According to what I've read this is legal, ethical, and is not costing us a thing. Ivanka is not drawing a salary. But For some reason, Al Sharpton, who was Obama’s “go-to guy” on race relations and had unimpeded access to the White House seems to have a real problem with his room temperature level IQ understanding this.
“Giving a office on the West Wing of Ivanka Trump, somebody explain to me how you can give security clearance, access to classified material, and a office to somebody that don’t have a title or job? They say now she ain’t got no title. She ain’t got no role. We ain't payin' her no money. But she can see everything classified.” 
First off AL, the office is in the West Wing, not on it.  It's not a roof-top patio, it's an office. As for the security clearance, there are different levels of this. It's unlikely that Ivanka is allowed to see the most sensitive information, but she does need a certain level of clearance in order to consult the president. And I find it hilarious that Sharpton’s biggest problem is that Ivanka doesn't have a job. Sharpton is probably the richest, least employed person in the county, which is probably what he finds so confusing. He doesn't do anything without an extortion big bucks payday.

As ridiculous as this manufactured outrage is, at his heart, Sharpton is a race hustler and managed to insert some racism into this:
“If President Barack Obama had given his daughters or his mother-in-law an office and some access they would have run him and everybody else out the White House." 
This is just more proof that Sharpton doesn't understand how things work, like paying taxes or reading off of a teleprompter.

[Crazy Cousin Olivia]
[Washington Times]

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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Taking a Stand in the Debate Over Illegal Immigration

According to the Sacramento Bee, the City Council of the celebrity enclave  of Malibu California voted 3-2 earlier this month to approve a resolution prohibiting use of city resources to enforce federal civil immigration law, thus joined the ranks of sanctuary cities.

Councilwoman Councilperson Laura Rosenthal introduced the resolution after Malibu resident, actor and former President Martin Sheen, appeared before the council in December to urge a sanctuary designation. Rosenthal told the Los Angeles Times
"When I reached out to some of the people at the schools and other people in the community, they told me people are scared. To the influx of immigrants coming into Malibu who may be undocumented, I wanted to send a clear message that we are here for you."
Malibu is home to wealth movie moguls and rock stars from Bob Dylan to Steven Spielberg and Barbara Streisand, who interestingly just so happened recently got their panties in a wad over access to the beach in front of their homes by the unwashed commoners. 

So you can't imagine my surprise when Diogenes recently received an email from Barbara Streisand (obviously by mistake) and addressed to someone named Arthur Sulzberger, who must run a website or something that famous people write Op-eds and pretend to know a lot about everything. After I read the unpublished post embedded in the email, I couldn't resist sharing it with my readers.

-----Original Message-----
From: babs_in_toyland@yahoo.net
Sent: Sunday, March 5, 2017  2:50 AM
To: Arthur Sulzberger < Diogenes Middle Finger@gmail.com >
Subject: Immigration Op-ed

Dear Arty,
Here is the article you asked I write about at the Glorious One's last invite to dinner at the White House. I'm sorry it isn't quite up to Babs' usual intellectual excellence, but I am so distracted these days by all the pretty things Babs surrounds herself with. I know a guy who lives as you do would understand about this kind of thing also. I'm sending my pool boy to NY with the $247.00 submission fee (such a pittance for a posting fee these days) but I don't mind doing my part to redistribute the wealth as our former great leader Barack once said we should.
Power to the Correct People,
Why I'm Against Immigration Reform
By Barbara Streisand

I have this employee in my housekeeping department we'll call "J". We'll call her that because most Hispanic people have a name starting with the letter J and I strictly forbid my employees from learning the names of each other because name-knowledge promotes needless chit-chat. It would be hypocritical of me not to abide by the same instructions I demand my staff follow, therefore I have no clue as to J's real name.

While reviewing security footage one night with my husband.....what's his name.... I noticed that everyone really seemed to like J. They smiled at her, waved at her, and often made physical contact,  which I'm told expresses admiration, support, or just general kindness. The traditions of the everyday little people are simply fascinating!

Coincidentally, J passed me in the hallway the other day. While she was careful to observe the two-foot rule, she did not abide by Chapter 25, Paragraph 15 of the, "Streisand Household Handbook for Successful Dealings with Ms. Streisand," which states, "On rare occasions in which you are lucky enough to come within earshot of Ms. Streisand, you are to refrain from making a single sound with any part of your body, orifice or otherwise, or article of clothing. Violation of this rule could result in termination, and replacement." She dare muttered "Excuse me!"

People seem to enjoy enjoy the company of J even though she has no musical ability. How in the world does she pull that off? Babs no comprendo.

I asked husband about it and he said that a lot of people enjoy engaging in conversation for recreational purposes. Apparently speaking with others is cathartic for some. But she doesn't speak with people because she’s asking for political favors or election donations. She's not admonishing underlings for inappropriate eye-contact, because 13% of the kitchen floor tiles contain unacceptable levels of grime, or because she found a Cheerio underneath the refrigerator and is demanding to know who's responsible. So apparently J is the Barbra Streisand of talking to people. Like I am great at singing, she is great at conversing. I'm told those who excel at conversation often have many friends.

The reason I became an Academy Award winning superstar singer/actor/director triple threat is so I could talk to other Academy Award winning living legends. If I wanted to talk to maids, I would have taken up house cleaning.  Conversations with the help are a waste of my time and a waste of their time. And I'm paying them while they're at my residence.  Plus, it's always awkward because I can't understand a word they say.  Besides, people don't get paid to talk to Barbra Streisand; people pay to talk to Barbra Streisand.  

So why do I care so much about a meaningless staffer that I may have already fired but don't remember? Why do I care so much about a lady that I may eventually have deported because her extra-dark arm hair really grosses me out? Why do I care so much about a woman who may one day accuse me of devouring an entire box of Twinkies because I desperately want to keep a late night binge session secret?

Well, the truth is, I don't. But Babs needs a supply of readily available inexpensive fence jumpers for replacements and full staffing. That's why I'm against Immigration reform!

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required *

Brought To You By BLUESJUNKY - Honorary Chair of Music - Middle Finger Symphony Music Director

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Schumer Continues to Further the Bad Reputation of Rats

The leader of the "Pack of Rats", Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer of New York, said today that the democrats will filibuster the nomination and not vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Yeah, I know you're as shocked as I am seeing it's coming from the mouth of the Meryl Streep of CSPAN.

The New Punks - Chuck & Nancy
And Schumer, being the punk we all know him to be predictably trotted out his bogus reasons for opposing Gorsuch, all of them easily lifted from Democrat political talking points and none of them having anything to do with the law: 
"He favors the powerful over the weak.” ........."He won’t act as a check on President Trump”.........“We don’t want judges with ice water in their veins......”  
“After careful deliberation I have concluded that I cannot support Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court........”
Chucky engaged in no “deliberation” at all and made up his mind to oppose Judge Gorsuch before the man was even nominated, demonstrating an absolute lust for the irrelevant, and even suggesting that the New York State Bar Exam, which Schumer passed after graduating from Harvard Law (where else?), is way too easy.

But then Schumer, the greasy lawyer he is, knows that his objections to Gorsuch are political and have nothing to do with law or the proper role of judges. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The “Fearless Girl” Statue of Wall Street Revealed Her True Self

So there is this monument to the suicidal hubris of modern women and their
inability to discern their actual abilities vs their inflated egos.......... 

The statue of a young girl installed earlier this month as a publicity stunt was erected by multi-trillion dollar asset manager State Street Global Advisors and NY advertising firm McCann to pay tribute to Women’s History Month as well as International Women’s Day. The feminist were orgasmic.

But thanks to Trump supporters she also got to showed her patriotism....
RAP-In addition sporting a “MAGA” hat, the Trump supporters tied an American flag around her neck as a cape, and posted a sign at her feet that read “VETS B4 ILLEGALS.” They also included a sign with a drawing of Pepe the Frog wearing “deal with it” shades. 
According to social media, the “Fearless Girl” has returned to her original form, but that’s probably due to the fact that triggered lefties beat her up and stole all her Trump gear.
Here is a photo from the “Fearless Girl’s” Uncuckening:  

(Gothamist Photo)                     Thank You MJA for the Linkage!

DPRK Disputes "Fake News" Reports of Failure of Dung Noodle ICBM Test.

MFNS Nork Bureau - Pyongyang: The official North Korean News Agency today issued a statement from the DPRK Ministry of Truth on the false and widely reported failure of the Nork's latest missile test by the American Fake News Media. The test was reportedly conducted early Wednesday over the Sea of Japan. 

In part the statement read:
"The valiant scientist of the the Missile Defense Forces of the Glorious Empire of the Peoples Republic of Korea today conducted a successfully test of the latest and most advanced version of the stealth 'Dung Noodle P33' Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. 
The test missile was launch from a super-secret base near the city of (deleted) in the eastern territory. After a successful launch and a few seconds of glorious flight the missile's highly advanced self-destruct circuits were initiated and successfully tested. 
After four successful crash tests of the secret Musudan Missile to test structural integrity,  the DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and the highly smart scientist of the Glorious Empire of Korea again reiterate their unwavering commitment to build the Safest Weapons of Mass Destruction the world has ever know.  
This most recent test also sends a clear message to the Cheeto faced Capitalist Imperial Warmongering Leader of the West of the overwhelming superiority of the DPRK's scientific and military prowess......."  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Joe Biden's "Buzzy Ginsburg Rule"

FP - Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice began this week, and amid the grilling — and attempts to smear him — came an ad that reminded everyone about the “Ginsburg Rule,” which is yet another thing the left would like people to forget now that it’s not convenient for them. 

Democrats are attacking Judge Neil Gorsuch because he won’t promise to support their political agenda,” the ad started off. The ad pointed to the 1993 confirmation hearings of now-Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in which she declined to answer questions from Senators in over 70 instances. The Judicial Crisis Network released a video outing the left’s hypocrisy on this rule, which you can see below:


When the Democrats were aghast by Republican refusal to hold hearings for then-President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, Judicial Crisis Network put out another ad featuring, you guessed it, Joe Biden. 

The video ad was titled: “To confirm or not to confirm: Democrats vs. Joe Biden.” It featured the senator making the GOP’s case.

Trigger Warnings - The Early Years.

Springer done this.

Funny How That Works: They're All For It Until They Have To Deal With It.......

Even before the dreamy Ricky Maddow doppelganger Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of Canada, liberals have told us we should look to our more civilized and compassionate neighbors to the north as our moral betters in every way. But a new Reuters/Ipsos poll has threatened to shatter that illusion.

Despite Trudeau’s tweet welcoming all refugees to Canada, which he just happened to issue the same night that protests broke out over President Trump’s travel ban, it looks like the Canadian population at large appears to be “just as concerned about illegal immigration as their American neighbors,” with nearly half in favor of deporting refugees who are illegally crossing from the United States. 

 When asked about recent border crossings from the United States, 48 percent said Canada should “send these migrants back to the U.S.” But only 36 percent said Canada should “accept these migrants” and let them seek refugee status, with the remainder undecided. That will be up to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board to decide. 

But according to Reuters, even the executive director of the Canadian Council for Refugees admitted that “refugees are much more welcomed when we have gone and selected them ourselves as a country, as opposed to refugees who have chosen us”.  Sounds kind of xenophobic, EH? 

One Somali refugee whose successful trek to Canada began in Minneapolis told ABC News that “the U.S. used to be a ‘good country’ but now it’s ‘the worst country in the world.'” 

We’ll miss that guy.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Well, He Did Swear to" Tell The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth"........

After three hours of listening to pontificating senators drone on, it was finally Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s turn to say a few words at his confirmation hearing on Monday.  Gorsuch was sworn “to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” and after thanking his colleagues, friends, and the president, he said a few words about his wife: 
“Mr. Chairman, I could not even attempt to do this without Louise, my wife of more than 20 years. The sacrifices she has made and her open and giving heart leave me in awe.” 
His voice caught a bit when he looked back at her and said: “I love you so much.”
That brought Louise Gorsuch out of her seat.   

This unexpected loving moment was brought to you by the next Associate Justice of the Supreme Court .......and me thinks someone may just get lucky tonight.

* Adrienne has posted the full video of Judge  Gorsuch's Opening statement HERE

Small Business Trump Supporters Bullied Out of Business

According to my friends in Chicago, this may not be an isolated incident, ignored by the media as they turn a blind eye to their sympathetic Trump Hating allies in the streets.  And as we quickly approach what I believe will come to be known as 'The Summer of Hate', the left will again take to the streets with increased demonstrations and violence leftist has shown they are capable of. 

Suzzanne Monk of Chicago was one of the 2 million Illinois residents who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, and she says that choice is costing her her neighborhood business. In a letter to the editor that appeared Friday in Crain's Chicago Business, Monk, who owns Worlds of Music in North Center with her husband Alexander Duvel, wrote that she has been subjected to steady bullying since the couple's personal politics became public knowledge. 
"Chicago, you have always been a Democrat-run town, but this year you have become a one-party city terrorizing anyone not in your party for their beliefs.... We will close at the end of April, because we are no longer willing to subject our staff, our customers, our neighbors and ourselves to the daily risk.... We have to leave. In the end, it wasn't the high taxes, constant road construction or high crime. It wasn't the unchecked gang violence or political cronyism. In the end, we have to leave because of the hate you are willing to tolerate.... You have a Trump-sized chip on that big shoulder, and it has turned you into a city of fear, hate and division. A city that encourages political bullying." 
The couple are in the process of shifting Worlds of Music, which sells instruments from around the globe, to an online enterprise because as Monk said, "they can't put a brick through a website". She and Duvel have always worked hard to keep politics separate from their business ( for the record, she voted for Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primary ) but were "outed" as Trump supporters after a debate Duvel had in the comments section of a Facebook post last year. The couple began receiving threatening emails along the lines of: We hope nobody fire bombs your business, that would be too bad.

The worst of it has been they've had loyal customers told not to support them or they would be ostracized. What disturbs Monk the most is that the very people who profess to promote tolerance, progressive liberals, are the same people who have been intimidating her and her husband, or are tacitly approving of the bullying by not condemning it.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Is It Even Possible To Please The Left?

"It’s sad to see so many Americans turn into losers, pathetically demanding to be treated as victims, all so the emotional vampires on the Left can feel better about themselves for helping such pathetic sad sacks. Liberals LOVE for people to think of themselves as victims. They love for people to go through life furious, upset over things most people wouldn’t even notice. 

They need you alienated and angry so they can control you and turn you out at the polls, so they can get their sick little self-esteem boost for helping a poor little mediocrity like you.

If you’re black or Hispanic and think white people hate you, if you’re gay and think the Christians want to wipe you out, or if you’re a woman who believes the patriarchy is keeping you down, you’re going to have an unhappy life. It doesn’t matter if things are going well or you have success; you’re going to be angry. You’re going to feel mistreated. You’re going to walk around chalking up every normal event in the world to bias that primarily exists in your head. You’re going to nurse grievances. You’re going to be unhappy.

As consolation, you can half-ass your way through life and chalk up your failures to “white racism,” “those hypocritical Christians,” or “the patriarchy.” You can live with the illusion that, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, you’re fighting for women’s rights, or, like Martin Luther King, you’re trying to reform a society teeming with racism -- but that only makes you sound like a joke. Stanton was fighting for women’s right to vote. Today, feminists whine about having to pay for their birth control. Martin Luther King was fighting for equal rights, and today liberal “black leaders” spend their time bitching about whether hoop earrings are cultural appropriation. There are legions of liberal Don Quixotes jousting with windmills and pretending that the trivia they obsess over gives meaning to their victimhood-centered lives.

There are women, gays, and minorities around the world dying to get into the United States. The ones that get the opportunity to do so legally spend thousands of dollars and put up with years of paperwork to come here. You think that’s because it’s such a racist, sexist, oppressive country?" - John Hawkins


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Here She Comes, Ready or Not.

"I'm Ready To Come Out of the Woods" 
Ma Clinton, formerly your repudiated democratic presidential candidate turned flaxen-haired Queen of upstate New York sasquatch, after a long hibernation in wilderness of Chappaqu has announced her intention to return to that which she loves most, 'Attention.'

Asked if she would run for Mayor of NYC, Clinton responded:

"I’m not running for mayor of NYC because I can’t afford losing to a double-parked car in queens."  
But after Donald Trump disappointed much of America by not prosecuting the Clinton Crime Organization, and given time to shut down the Clinton Globull Initiative and destroy all the incriminating evidence, Ma may be looking to lend credence to an at present batshit crazy, disorganized and headless resistance movement, and become a public thorn in Trump's paw for the next few years.  And nothing says 'Resistance' like a shrill, 70 year old Grandmother and her pet monkey, Huma.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Middle Finger Symphony Theater

* No Tuxedos Required*

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mary Poppins Deplores Trump's Budget Cutting of Funding for the Arts

Julie Andrews, known mostly for her roles as Maria in the 'Sound of Music' and as the beloved 'Merry Poppins', along with her daughter wrote an Op-ed column for the network posing as news, CNN, pleading for elected officials to reject Trump's budget cuts for funding the Arts. 
"Decades worth of research attests to the fact that the arts are among the most profoundly important and valuable ways to improve learning and promote success, from early childhood through adulthood . Now, with the shifting priorities of our new presidential administration, artists and arts organizations are at serious risk of losing the support they need to do their invaluable work."
"The arts are fundamental to our common humanity. Every time we attend the theater, a museum or a concert, we are literally feeding our souls, and investing in and preserving our collective future."
Ms. Andrews may be correct about the education. But what she fails to see are what the alternatives to Government funding are. And I think there are a few other things she overlooks.

One, for most of the History of Western Civilization, the arts were funded by the 'Patrons of the Arts'. Leo da Vinci, Mozart, Will Shakespeare, Picasso etc. were not funded by any Government. They were commissioned by Religious Orders and Wealthy Patrons. Yes, Kings and Queens did commission art, but it was not for the benefit of everyone. It was specific to them and a symbol of their status, and unseen by the commoners. Not until the 1960's did the US Federal Government set their hooks into the Arts, creating public broadcasting and issuing grant moneys which they gave over controls to a little watched over and now politicized NEA, run in the past by leftist actor Jane Alexander.

"The Arts" as it is used today is a broad term. The taxpayers help fund everything from Symphony and Opera companies, to goofy and senseless performance art.  From NPR to massive state tax credits for the movie industry. From Ballet to pouring chocolate on ones self and asking for it to be licked off  by those in attendance,  or sitting on a stage and wiping menstrual blood on cloth and handing it to the audience.  

The Arts have become highly politicized and just another propaganda arm of th left. NPR has become over the years just an unlistenable sewer of leftist claptrap. 

Another thing Ms. Andrews (who made only $125,000 for her Academy Award winning Performance in The Sound of Music) fails to see is, hack talent challenged actors now make 10-20 million for crappy Super Hero movies now-a days. Movies that are given large tax credits by taxpayers, and sometime subsidized by foreigner governments like China. If there is that much money floating around Hollywood, let the Hollywood moguls finance there own crap. 

The point is, teach the Arts in schools as part of the curriculum as it has for decades and let the cream rise to the top. And let the vocal wealthy leftist who believe the government nanny has to enrich their world foot the bill for their own propaganda. Then maybe they will be a little more careful where they spread their money around.  Then just maybe we will get more Audrey Hepburns and less Andrés Serranos.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Happy Birthday You Ol' Buzzard

Associate Justice Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg - aka Notorious RBG - Makes 84

Reporter Who Gave Ricky Maddow Trump’s Tax Return Makes Disgusting Claim About First Lady

YC - Last night, on the broadcast that will be remembered as MSNBC’s Trump Tax Return Debacle, a panelist became another to suggest that there was another entry the First Lady could add to her resume.

Speaking on a panel with fellow moderator and amateur enrolled agent Rachel Maddow and David Cay Johnson, as they scoured over every entry of two pages of Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return, Lawrence O’Donnell noted that showed “wages and salary income, which is unusual for someone in his Trump’s case.” Johnson, the source of this “scoop”, then attempted to explain that that was because Melania Trump was also on the return, and that she did do very sleazy porn.

“It could be hers,” Johnston offered. “His wife was a model.”
“Right,” O’Donnell responded. “She’s on here, but she was never at that league.”
Johnson then continued to say that she did “very sleazy porn” before Maddow interrupted him. Unfortunately, Johnson did not have the opportunity to explain further. As one can see on the video of the exchange published by the Daily Caller, O’Donnell and Maddow did not share my curiosity.

Clearly, the two – who thought Trump paying $38 million in taxes on $150 million in income in 2005 was going to be earth-shattering news – did not find the “revelation” that the FLOTUS did sleazy porn the least bit interesting. In fact, Maddow can be heard giving a warning “hey hey hey” to Johnson to get him to drop the topic.

Why? Let’s not forget that the FLOTUS has lawyers, and she is not afraid to use them.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ricky Maddow has Orgasm Over 11 Year Old Tax Return

It may just cross this twit's mind sometime during the middle of the night that rich Liberal Democrat in congress wrote much of the tax code that allowed the nefarious Mr. trump to take the legal tax deductions he claimed.......11 year ago!

Even the boobs at CNN were laughing at Him Her...
"If all we get tonight is that Donald Trump paid $38 million to America's government, that's a good night for Donald Trump, I'm sorry,” joked Van Jones, host of CNN’s The Messy Truth, “I was hoping and praying that it would show, not only that he paid no taxes, he actually charged the government and got money back. I wanted something I could get excited about."
The rest of the panel laughed seemingly in agreement.

Snopes.com verified to be a hoax – according to Snopes.com

From the Archives of DMF:

We have all visited  the myth-busting web site Snopes.com to verify a legend or rumor swirling around the Internet. Whether it be politics, urban legends and the such, Snopes is committed to tracking down the truth or falsity of every Internet claim, no matter how credible or far-fetched. 

Thanks to Snopes.com, I no longer fear flesh-eating bananas from Costa Rica, venomous Canadian grasshoppers or deadly rat droppings in my box of Special K cereal which will cause my internal organs to turn to mush and my head explode. 

I no longer worry that downloading Adele albums to my computer will trigger a virus that will erase my computer’s hard drive on Christmas morning. I don’t fear that the police officer who is about to pull me over for an illegal left turn might in reality be a raging psychopath impersonating a cop, intent on killing me so he can eat my kidneys.Thanks to Snopes.com, I am no longer paralyzed with fear at the thought of leaving my bathroom.

So imagine my shock when I found out this week that Snopes.com decided to research claims that Snopes.com itself was a hoax. Snopes.com, true to its commitment, conducted an in-depth investigation. Stunningly, Snopes.com concluded that in fact there was no credible evidence to support the existence of Snopes.com, and reported its findings at its web site, Snopes.com. 

But interestingly, Snopes.com then conducted a further investigation and discovered something even more perplexing: Its subsequent study concluded that the alarmist claims by Snopes.com that it does not exist were in fact just a nefarious hoax, and that Snopes.com was in fact real after all. It pointed to reams of statistical reports showing thousands of daily web site visits, to debunk claims that it did not exist. But it didn’t end there. Shortly after that study, yet another Snopes.com investigation was launched, aiming this time to determine whether or not the previous Snopes.com report – which had reported that the Snopes.com report claiming that Snopes.com was a hoax, was itself a hoax – was in fact a hoax or not. 

As of this writing, the answer is still uncertain. It appears that Snopes.com has been caught in some carnival “funhouse of mirrors” endless loop of claims and counter claims about its own existence. As a result of this chain reaction of Snopes.com investigations into its own existence, the entire bank of Snopes.com web servers finally overloaded and crashed – that is, if we are to believe that those web servers ever existed in the first place. 

So how will I know what’s true anymore? I don’t know what to believe. Without Snopes.com, I won’t know whether I should refuse to accept anyone’s business card ever again because it could be soaked in a dangerous drug which will completely erase my memory and make me believe I'm Joan Crawford. I worry about whether I might be asked by a company’s customer service automated phone menu to “please press #-9-0” – only to end up accidentally turning over my credit card information to Bulgarian Internet pornographers who will go on a shopping spree at Tiffany’s using my Discover credit card. And how will I ever know for sure whether those two cats living in my house these past 6 years are really not aliens from another planet deposited in my house for the sole purpose of spying on me and driving me insane? One can never be too cautious these days.

Without Snopes.com to turn to for answers, I am confused and bewildered. But there are a few  things I do know for a fact:

Watching 50 hours of NOVA episodes on PBS will grow new brain cells and actually make you smarter – FALSE! (However, it IS true that watching even a single episode of THE VIEW can potentially destroy up to 1,000 brain cells)

Eating a diet consisting of nothing but broccoli and tuna fish for four months will enlarge your breast. – Totally FALSE! (Don’t ask me how I know, but I do. Just trust me.)

Using cell phones while fueling up at a gas station leads to brain cancer in mice – FALSE! (As to why mice were using cell phones at gas stations, that’s a question scientists still refuse to answer.)

Watching Fox News more than an hour a week will lead to incurable insanity – TRUE/FALSE (Technically, scientists now think this only poses a serious mental health risk if you are exposed to the Sean Hannity show for prolonged periods.)

So be vigilant my friends. There are people out there intent on messing with your minds....

Here...Hold My Beer.

Progtards and Doolittles

By James Lawrence
I must confess to a certain unedifying, if only occasional, habit: poring over the stories of people who got themselves hurt or killed through breathtaking displays of stupidity. Such online rubber-necking is popularly catered for by the Darwin Awards website; but I tend to find more cause for morbid fascination in the antics of a class of people who might be termed 'Doolittles'.
The Doolittle, as the name suggests, is a person who thinks that he or she can make friends with dangerous wild animals. A common pattern is for the Doolittle to experience a long run of luck with this unwise show of affection, which gives rise to an inner conviction of his or her "special connection" with the predatory species of choice, before the fantasy is dispelled in a few violent moments and with a great deal of blood. Unfortunately, what might be a case of individual natural deselection often results in the death or injury of sane bystanders, for Doolittles are hardly shy about dragging other people into their lunacy.
One example of a Doolittle would be Dr. Erich Ritter, who had most of his calf bitten off after standing for more than an hour in shark-infested water...to prove that sharks aren't really dangerous. A more serious case was that of Sandra Herold, who pampered her 200-pound pet chimpanzee and treated him as a "son", until he decided to go on a rampage and rip off her female friend's face. But if there is a King of the Doolittles, it is probably Timothy Treadwell, who went on regular expeditions in a wildlife sanctuary to live with grizzly bears - and ended up, together with his less enthusiastic girlfriend, furnishing a live supper for a bear that attacked his unprotected camp.
It strikes me that Doolittles, for all of their back-to-nature fantasies, are decidely un-natural products of a peculiar kind of modern human society. For one thing, I notice that they are invariably of white European descent; to go out into the wilderness and play pat-a-cake with dangerous predators does not seem to be a general human need. European countries with aggressive, unassimilable Third Worlders, who have long been perceived by them as "noble savages" analogous to the Doolittle's "pets".
Assimilation of non-whites to Europeans ("jihadis are economically disaffected") and sometimes of themselves to non-whites (faux ghetto girl Rachel Dolezal and hoaxer Tom MacMaster); their downplaying of the violence and friction created by mass immigration; their moralistic accusations, suspicions and blame-games aimed at ordinary Europeans; their 'white saviour' self-image (whether they admit to having it or not); their indifference to the consequences of inflicting their personal beliefs on others (on this last point, Doolittles are considerably more admirable, as many progressives never choose to live anywhere near their non-white wards).
Status is no use if everyone is allowed to have it; and this is why both Doolittles and progressives invariably end up castigating the majority of "normal people" (whites by progressives and sensible humans by Doolittles), who are seen as uncomprehending morons perpetually scheming to harm the noble savages/cuddly free-range pets.

Monday, March 13, 2017

New York To Scrap Literacy Test For Teachers Because Too Many Are To Stupid To Pass Test

New York Continues to Circle the Drain in the Name of Diversity
(AP) - New York education officials are poised to scrap a test designed to measure the reading and writing skills of people trying to become teachers, in part because an outsized percentage of black and Hispanic candidates were failing it.
The state Board of Regents on Monday is expected Monday to adopt a task force's recommendation of eliminating the literacy exam, known as the Academic Literacy Skills Test. Backers of the test say eliminating it could put weak teachers in classrooms. Critics of the examination said it is redundant and a poor predictor of who will succeed.
Okay, it may just be me, but if you can't read at an adult level,why the hell do they think the candidates to teach children have any place in a class room?
Leaders of the education reform movement have complained for years about the caliber of students entering education schools and the quality of the instruction they receive there. A December 2016 study by the National Council on Teacher Quality found that 44 percent of the teacher preparation programs it surveyed accepted students from the bottom half of their high school classes.
"We want high standards, without a doubt. Not every given test is going to get us there," said Leslie Soodak, a professor of education at Pace University who served on the task force that examined the state's teacher certification tests.
"Having a white workforce really doesn't match our student body anymore," Soodak said.
And therein lies the problem. Too many of those white teachers.
Kate Walsh, the president of National Council on Teacher Quality, which pushes for higher standards for teachers, said that blacks and Latinos don't score as well as whites on the literacy test. "There's not a test in the country that doesn't have disproportionate performance on the part of blacks and Latinos."
Ian Rosenblum, the executive director of the New York office of the Education Trust, a nonprofit that advocates for high achievement for all students, called the teacher literacy test "a 12th grade-level assessment" - something a high school senior should be able to pass. 

Yeah, let's lower the standards for teacher qualification. That will Make America Great Again. Yeah, that's the ticket!

No More Sunday All-U-Can-Eat Brunches For Me!


A Good Monday Morning

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Even In Bernie Sanders Backyard They're Saying "Oh Hell No!"

Looks like even in a bastion of American Socialism like Vermont, people are wakening up. In the sleepy town of Rutland Vt.,  Mayor Christopher Louras lost to City Councilor David Allaire.  A Six term Mayor,  Louras last spring announced his plan to bring up to 100 refugees annually from Syria and Iraq to the city of about 16,500 residents. The citizen's response: I don't Think So!

Councilor Allaire had criticized the way Louras rolled out the program, announcing it last April without getting input from the public and city officials. When he announced his candidacy, Allaire said the main issue was with the secrecy of the program. 

The city of Rutland was chosen as the site to place refugees by the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), one of the nine major federally-funded refugee resettlement contractors or voluntary agencies.  According to Ann Corcoran of Refugee Resettlement Watch, once a site is chosen for resettlement, the agency submits an annual resettlement plan to the State Department in order to receive federal funding of nearly $2,000 per refugee sponsored in addition to federal grants of up to $2,200 per refugee sponsored.

Refugee resettlement has become a billion dollar industry, according to investigative journalist James Simpson, a former economist and budget examiner for the White House Office of Management and Budget.  The VRRP had not openly disclosed its proposed resettlement abstract to Rutland.  Such abstracts list the targeted town’s available facilities and amenities, such as subsidized housing, mental health facilities, and public schooling, for the refugees. Exposing the contents of the abstract prior to resettling or “seeding” refugees (a term coined by a resettlement agency) was a cause of great concern for the agency, as it would shake some sense into the citizens of Rutland and most likely prevent refugee resettlement.

One month after arrival, refugees are provided with taxpayer-funded services such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Disability Insurance, public housing assistance, child care, food stamps, and much more, costing billions of dollars a year.  However, after a couple of months, government funding runs out, and it becomes incumbent upon the community to take over and provide.  Given the rising number of Rutland’s low-income citizens in desperate need of assistance, city officials should be leading efforts to develop ways to take care of their own first, including war veterans, seniors, drug addicts, and the homeless.

Many refugees in the U.S. today are supported by lifetime cash assistance programs, while Americans are being pushed off time-limited welfare programs. According to Corcoran, refugees are treated as U.S. citizens in that they qualify for all federal, state, and local welfare programs after one month. This raises the refugee resettlement costs to billions of dollars a year.

[The Olympian.com.]                           Thank You MJA for the Linkage!
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