Sunday, June 29, 2014

Why Every Woman Should Arm Themselves

Saturday night after leaving a dinner and a little live New Orleans blues music at one of my favorite Cafe' Bars, my two female companions and I were approached by a man wielding a very large knife in an attempt to persuade us to turn over our purses to him. His nervousness told me he was not a professional at this at all. So I raised my purse and held it out to him at about eye level to block his view as I gently reached under my blouse. As he grabbed the purse, his hand was met with a bosom holster warmed barrel of my Walther PPK, and in line with his left temple. His expression was classic.

He dropped the knife and purse and said "please don't kill me lady....I'm just dead broke".

One of my sisters in victim hood laughingly said "What do we do with him now.....cut off his (insert your own term here)?" And out of the blue, my other girl friend said as she reached into her purse "You crazy #@%&*, you don't bring a knife to a gunfight", and handed him ten dollars. "NOW TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS!"

He nervously looked at me and I said "Do as the Lady says."

We sent him confused and bewildered on his way with his tail between his legs, and called 911 and reported a half naked man running loose in the area. Had I known he broke my purse mirror when he dropped it, I may have just put one in his foot.

Ladies, learn to defend yourself.

If anyone is interested in a pair of previously own Haggar Khakis, size 38 waist and 34 inseam, drop me a line. 


  1. Did he leave his obamaphone behind?

  2. Wow. Kudos to you for keeping your cool and gaining control. Amazing how quickly a carefree evening turns into a bad movie. I'm very happy that you and your friends are safe.

  3. Jan, first thing I am thankful and happy no harm was done to you or your friends. Secondly very heroic behavior on your part in the face of imminent danger. No woman should ever go anywhere alone or unarmed.

  4. No Saturday night in the blues belt is complete without the sound of a holster release and a big Bowie knife hitting the ground. The unzipping sound is usually optional.

    That's a fine account, Jan, and well done. Good on ya! :) I'll never forget the time one of my sisters-in-law drew her .380 on me from her bra holster in my mom's kitchen. She was just demonstrating, but I was amazed at how fast that draw is. Like Jack said, no woman should be without one.

  5. Guys, I never go to the Big Easy without at least my double-barrel .22 Ruger derringer. The studio is there so I spend a lot of time in N.O.

  6. Nah, the pants are too big. Good girl, you should be packing walking around town.

  7. I wish I had been packing when I was mugged many years age. If I had there would have been one less mugger on the loose. Glad you guys are safe...

  8. "I'm just dead..." is when you should have dropped the hammer. A warning shot to the head need only be applied once. By letting him go you have no doubt enabled him to procure a handgun for his next robbery. I'm so very glad that you and your friends were not injured during this incident, but you have turned a forcible felony where an arrest was possible into a ha ha funny cocktail party joke. I hope the next female he victimizes will find this just as funny... but I doubt it.

    1. I tend to agree with you, in general, that threatening anyone with a big knife is an invitation for instant and messy death. But just because an arrest was possible or death was deserved doesn't mean judgment goes out the window. The lady used her judgment and made it clear why she judged the way she did. You can't ask for more than that, and second-guessing from your office chair seems rash, to me, in this case.

    2. Sig - with all due respect:

      1. I am a trained, responsible gun owner.


      3. one of my companions was a martial arts expert and former body guard who was close enough to take him out easily.

      4. This was NOT your average street thug, he was a man in a jam in need of money, not a killer.

      5. any threat to us was neutralized in a matter of seconds, AS I WAS TAUGHT!

      6. Testosterone loaded wild eyed “just kill em” comments like yours give ammo the anti gun people crave against responsible gun owners.

    3. x2, the key thing here is that you read the situation and knew the guy wasn't a cold hearted thug. Chances are he had the crap scared out of him and will rethink things. It's entirely possible he WONT rob again.

      Besides, killing someone is so messy and such a hassle.

  9. Diogenes - I understand your reaction as a victim, I also am a trained, responsible gun owner who has over 40 years experience in law enforcement; I investigated Lord knows how many cases and was presented with more than one opportunity to send a man to his Maker - but never did.. Why? Because I made the arrest without it. Why you did not report this as a crime is beyond me. I had a homicide case where the judge said basically the same thing as you have; he sentenced a killer to probation for you see the killer was too smart (a college student) to go to jail.

    I am not trying to marginalize anyone here; only make the following point: you stand before a jury because of an act you committed, not because of the type of person you are. Anyone is capable of committing anything at any time. Alas, nice people also do terrible things but they too must answer for it.

    Grunt - quite frankly, I can ask for more than that. One of our biggest problems (if not the biggest problem) in prosecuting criminals today is victims and witnesses who refuse to testify. Of course Diogenes is not a "what happens in da hood stays in da hood" person, but the end result is still the same.

    This man should have been held accountable.

    1. Diogenes - One thing I neglected to mention, yours was one of an estimated 1 million Defensive Use of Gun (DUG) incidents that occur every year in our nation. On the average, 663 criminals are killed during the commission of a felony every year; 40% of them (267) at the hands of an armed civilian [source: FBI UCR Justifiable Homicide Table].

      The anti-gun lobby does not need an incident wherein you take the life of an armed robber to justify their rabid cause. Their agenda is exactly the opposite; they seek to bury the news of any such events so they can continue their campaign of disinformation. You really need to learn the difference between "just kill 'em" and a justifiable exercise of deadly physical force.

    2. The man WAS held accountable, just not by "the system." Here in the Great American West, where I live, we used to depend on that kind of justice almost 100% of the time. It's faster and cheaper, and it may be way more effective. You're a lawman, and I appreciate your perspective, but you might also "learn the difference between" the real world, where deputies aren't lurking behind every mailbox to save us from every threat, and the "helpless citizen" fantasy world that law enforcement insists on ramming down our throats.

    3. Sig, I do not disagree with anything you said. As stated in the post, we did call 911

      To make things clear to all....after the first five seconds of our confrontation, at no time did I feel I was not in control of the situation. He was disarmed and had his hands above his head and was on one knee. Had he made a hostile move toward any of us, I could have dropped him easily without hesitation.



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